May Round-up: 5 Things I’m Loving

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I hope that as you’re reading this you’re met with sunshine and excitement for all the beauty life has to offer you in this season. This is the first year I can truly say I’ve really leaned in to Spring – instead of just wishing summer would be here, like, yesterday – and I am left so smitten with this shoulder season. Growing up in CO, Spring to me meant the likelihood of snow days and the most brutal wind EVER for every Track meet. But, our ReLo to Virginia has been a sweet surprise, as I enjoy the bright greens, cherry blossoms, and humid-enough-but-not-too-humid warm evenings.

This month, I’m really focusing on the necessary. You know what I mean? It’s really easy to get caught up in things that take time, energy, and money but don’t add value. There are so many distractions in every day life, so many things to pull us and convince us we need more. So, this month I am just focusing on the things that add immediate value to me or those around me. Below I’m rounding up the few things that are helping me do that – I hope these add value to you, too!

  • Money Saving: I’ve used this app for yearssss and it’s by far my favorite app for saving and investing. You can setup different rules that trigger a “saving” action from your account, so you save without realizing it. It’s helped me save for every vacation, squirrel away our emergency fund, paid off debt, and covered a large chunk of the down payment on our home. Not sponsored, I just have massive love for this little hack.
  • Travel Clothes Steamer: Hi, I’m Erin and I don’t iron my clothes. Never have, never will. But! Since discovering this little gem of a travel steamer, I just whip it out in the AM or bring it with me when I travel and it refreshes my clothes perfectly in…no joke, 20 seconds. It’s solid gold.
  • Long-wear Red Lipstick: You know my love for a red lip runs deeeeep. This is hands down my favorite formula of all time – Dior Rouge in color 999 is the definition of iconic red. It’s the only red lipstick I use and am currently on my 3rd (4th?) tube because it’s just the best. Worth the price tag, I promise you.
  • Playlist: If Van Morrison and Billy Joel and REO Speedwagon are an automatic ticket to happy for you, you’ll love this Spotify playlist. I recommend playing it in the car, windows down, warm day, sunglasses on, volume UP.
  • The Ultimate Feel Good App – Be My Eyes is an app (for both Apple and Android) that connects blind and low-vision people with sighted volunteers for visual assistance. It is such a cool way to connect with someone else and to be of service, when needed. I promise you, answering an incoming call with make your whole week.

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to share what you’re loving this month! Tag me on IG or email me directly at hello@erinlowrey.com. Happy Spring-ing!

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